Thursday, 11 September 2008

taxonomy-green money

i have chosen the colour green and for the time being i am using white as its complementary. i have looked at money for its link to green. here are some images which i have developed form the startin gpoint of money, wear i have mainly looked at type on money.

character faces

this is a page from my character design sketchbook, it was inspired by the work of Jamie Hewlett. not in the sense of subject, but the way he pays attention to detail for all the parts of a face on his characters. i have explored this by using the same character, however changing his expressions or styles, this looks easy however it has to be considered as it is very easy to make the same character look completely different by just making one mistake, or an uncharacteristic expression. this is a very basic study of a characters face. there are many other things which need to be considered, i will look more into this at a later date.


i have also looked into using different illustrators styles and incorporating them with my own ideas which has helped me to explore again a more broader range of design techniques

Friday, 5 September 2008

idea generation

i found this a good way to generate my ideas for different characters. this is because the 'dunny' toy is well respected and is well known in the graphics industry. i found this a good quick way of getting my ideas on paper. it also helped me to make decisions into which ideas are best to develop.

first pages...

from looking at different artists sketchbooks, i have decided to Begin some small a5 sketchbooks where i will be studying different styles of illustration by drawing objects and the environment around me. i will also produce sketchbook of faces and the human figure, this will help influence my character study.

Denise Van Leeuwen
I am very influenced by this illustrators work, as she uses a very unique style of realistic line drawing and combines it with hand drawn typography and than adds the finishing touches with computer software. however the digital part of the work is at a minimum or not obvious. this makes the work look original and very different to that of others. this illustrators work has been used by the likes of ELLE magazine. her work is a very feminine, fashion based. however the style is very original and would be interesting to use in other areas.

sketchbooks and moleskines

i have began looking at the sketchbooks of different illustrators as it is a good way of being influenced by other artists styles or views within their work. many illustrators put there sketchbooks on the net, so there work is easy access.

this is the work of FRANCE BELLEVILLE which i got the website
the sketches are explored by looking at a wide range of objects, faces and expressions. the work also shows a wide range of styles. which expresses the illustrators ability and talent for art.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Jamie Hewlett

i have based my ongoing character design study, in the style of Jamie Hewlett's work. especially the style used for the gorillaz. however rather than stylizing my character study. i have concentrated on how i can create realistic movements and expressions etc in an animated style. this is shown perfectly by Hewlett, especially how he can express the body language of his characters so well. i will carry on this investigation, so that eventually i will be able to express my character designs in this fluent manor.